Inspo For Change

Sometimes you just need change.

Isn’t it interesting how most of the time people fear and avoid change? It seems to be an innate human trait, wired into our DNA–that we just have this uncomfortable feeling associated with change. I’ve learned though–in my ripe old age of ALMOST 30–that after the change happens, and we look back at the result and what’s come of it…things tend to usually work out better than expected. I’ve been thinking about change a lot lately and I very much like it…it means things are going to be different and different can be fun. I also think that the less comfortable road, the more bumpy road, lends for a better outcome in the long run.

That was a bit of real talk. But change doesn’t always have to be drastic or life-altering. It can be simple and even just mood-altering. So, this post is going to be a bulletin board for me to post some inspo to change the look and feel of my house right now. I think changing up the space you live in is a really easy and rewarding way to get motivation, freshen up your perspective, and frankly just have a little fun. I like where it’s at. But I don’t want to like it–I want to love it. Enjoy.











DIY – Upholstered Nailhead Headboard

Linz here. Since I bought my house and moved in, the last year has been a process when it came to furnishing the place. I started from scratch and although it is fun, it is no easy task. I’m not one of those people that can go down to a furniture store and get everything I want in one swoop…I need time. I find gems that I like to add here and there and wait for the right one to come my way. [Let’s be honest though, if I had an endless budget, I could probably get it done in much less time than a year, ha.]

But I digress…let’s get to the fun stuff. FINALLY, I decided it was time to stop looking for a headboard that had the style, quality, and price tag that I wanted and just make one myself! I love making anything with my hands and getting crafty so this task did not sound overly daunting. There are some great DIYs on blogs and websites on how to make a headboard and all different iterations of them but mine is really quite simple! You can even do it in a few hours and if you shop right, can do it for less than $100…yup you heard me right! A beautifully upholstered headboard on the cheap! Now onto the good stuff:

In the beginning there was wood…

HB tools1

1″ thick piece of plywood that I bought and had cut at Home Depot for about $30

Start by measuring your mattress with the sheets on and then add about 1 inch to each side to give it some width…use your discretion though depending on the type of fabric and amount of batting that you use to upholster. If you are using something thinner than 1″ should be fine…something more thick and more batting you may not need any extra inches on the wood.  Tools you will need: 1. A rubber mallot (you can buy this at any Joann’s or the hardware store) 2. A staple gun 3. Needle-nose pliers (I personally didn’t use them but you might find them useful when attaching the nailheads. 4. A nailhead trim kit (it’s the cheaters way to do nailhead and it looks super clean and real!).  5. Two packages of batting (more if you want a realllly thick padding) Last but not least, 6. Your fabric! [I chose to go with a linen blend normally used for drapery which I bought at Joann’s for about $22 with a coupon].

Step 1: Lay your batting down on the floor and make sure that it’s very flat. Lay the wood on top of the batting and make sure you tug it pretty tight underneath the wood so once you staple it, it will tight and snug against the wood.


Yay for batting!

Step 2: Staple! I just stapled about 1-1.5″ from the edge and when I got to a new side, I made a few tugs on the batting to ensure it was tight.



Step 3: Pick up the headboard, lay down your fabric and make sure it is wrinkle free (iron before if you need to) and make sure there are no loose areas. Lay down the headboard back on the fabric and again make sure the fabric is taught and snug under the wood.

HBbehind upholstered

After this I cut off a lof of the excess fabric and batting.

Step 4: Time for nailhead trim! This is truly the hardest part–and it’s not that bad. The only difficult part of the nailhead trim is getting it perfect straight. The first line I did, did not turn out straight, so then I decided that would be the bottom of the headboard haha.


This was my method to keep it straight.

All done!


Finished product!!!


In zee room.

So that’s all folks…and yea I know I need to put up artwork. In good time children…in good time.

Now: random photos of myself while making this…by myself.

HB yogapose

Yoga on my headboard.

HB weirdpose

Wrapped in batting on my headboard.

That’s all kids. Until next time!


Linz & Holl


Swimsuit Inspo

Summer is here…again. And like most of us, we have been on the hunt for a cute swimsuit, the perfect swimsuit really. While we have yet to ever find the holy grail of swimsuits, there are some that come pretty darn close and we would love to own. {I have to point out that there WAS a perfect swimsuit in my past…and it wasn’t even mine! My younger sister owned this perfectly red Ted Baker bikini and it was everything: amazing fit, perfect color, perfect amount of sexy. And I want it. So, Ted Baker, can you please look back about 6-7 years and re-create that? Thanks.} Keep on scrollin down for some cute, geometric, interesting, and colorful suit options for your summer fun!


Top Left: Kore Flora Maillot. Top Right: L*Space. Bottom Left: L*Space. Bottom Right: Mara Hoffman


Top Left: Acacia. Top Right: Maaji. Bottom Left: L*Space. Bottom Right: Acacia.



Linz & Holl