Linz here. First order of biz — Holl and I are going to be doing food posts on Tuesdays, so we are going to be semi predictable (but in the BEST possible way). Now, enjoy!

Brunch, lunch, and dinner…and that late night snack you justify for a number of…well…unjustifiable reasons. Those are the meals I consumed on my recent rather quick stint to the BIGAPPLE. I love how there is always something new to try in NYC, but of course you can always count on your go-to places. I wanted to share with you all just a taste (see what I did there….a taste) of what I ate. Oh yea and I am including some pizza I had this weekend during an after dinner, guilty, heavenly snack moment with my boyfriend. It is thee best pizza in Orange County. My mouth is watering just thinking about all of this!

Mocha from Max Brenner - Ya it's touristy...but ask me if I care while I'm downing this delectable concoction

Brunch from Max Brenner -- Yea that is chocolate dipping sauce

Boyfriend's Max Brenner Brunch

Miso Ramen from Sapporo -- Just plain amazing ramen

Sukiyaki at Sapporo in NYC - So delish

Spaghetti Bolognese With Some Meatballs on the side -- Carmines

Sake (break the bank Sake) at Sushi Azabu in Soho

Cappuccino @ Greenwich Grill -- and it was legit

Gina's Pizza - Late Night Style in Laguna Beach. So. Good.


Mmmmm x2

So now that I’m officially hungry for any and everything ever made…I am going to quit while I’m ahead. Until we meet again next Tuesday!


Linz & Holl

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Linz & Holl

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