Day #10 – Ho Ho Ho-liday

{Some Alcoholic Beverages Ready For Christmas Day}

Well, well, well… this is the last day of our 10 days of Christmas! You can relive all of our awesome Christmas posts here (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). We wanted to end our 10th day with a few things we feel are essential for making the holidays more… cheerful and bright. We hope that you are all having a very merry Christmas Eve!

{Always Add A Couple New Wrapping Prints Each Year}
{Linz’s 1st & AWESOME Fishtail Braid – Prefect Holiday Hair}
{Simple Elegant Holiday Jewelry}
{New Garden Succulent Planted For Christmas Day}
{Ornaments Made From Wood}
{Holl’s Sequined Flats}
{Remaking Holl’s Apple Pie For Christmas Day – Recipe Here}

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Linz & Holl

Day #9 – All The Red, All The Gold

       Hey all you crafty DIY-ers! We wanted to show off our little tutorial on how to make a sweet homemade Christmas wreath that Holl remembers making when she was little, although not sure what for… Sunday school maybe? It’s super easy and inexpensive! We picked up some gold  fabric from the local fabric store for about $8.00 and a hay wreath and 1 red glitter plastic leaf foliage from from the local craft store for a total of $3.00 and put this together for a one of a kind DIY Christmas wreath for less than 12bucks!!!

Supplies needed:
  • Hay Wreath
  • Fabric
  • Plastic Floral Foliage (or anything else you would want to add…)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Wire Cutters
  • A Few Sewing Pins

Total Craft Time: About 30minutes

    {Hay Wreaths}
    {Pencil & Scissors}
    {Cut Fabric Into About 3×3 Squares – We Eyeballed It}
    {Place The Pencil On The Center Of The Fabric Square}
    {Push The Fabric Into The Wreath}
    {This Is How 1 Square Looks}
    {Keep On Going – You Have A Few More To Do}
    {Cut The Leaves Off}
    {Stage Leaves Where You Want Them}
    {Use Sewing Pins To Secure Through Leaf & Into Wreath}
    {Glamorous, Right?!?!}
    This is simply one way of doing this fun craft, however this would work for any holiday (Easter! Ooooo Pastels! or Halloween and add some fun spiders!) or could be made to have a real homespun feel with quilt like fabrics for a year-round wreath. So many options! Let us know if any of you try this! We would LOVE to see your version!

    Linz & Holl

    Day #8 – Winter Wonderland!

    {Falling SNOW!!!!!}
             Holl here! So the hubby and I took the kids to Big Bear for the day on Saturday for 2 important reasons – new baby girl’s 1st day seeing some snow…. and that the weather actually called for falling snow. Throughout my life I have played in the snow, gone snowboarding, stayed overnight in cabins, and woken up to freshly fallen white snow… but I have never actually been outside while those light little flakes floated down from the sky… and let me tell you… I’ve never had such a good time visiting Big Bear. The weather was a chilly 29 degrees but it was insanely beautiful, the wind wasn’t too bad, and the clouds were a perfectly pleasant gray and offered falling snow the entire time we were there. We pulled off the side of the road a handful of places to make angels, throw snowballs, collect pine cones,  pull icicles off roofs, and snap some photos.
    {How Pretty Is This!}

    • Jacket –  H&M
    • Tunic  –  Target
    • Jeans  –  Forever 21
    • Boots  –  Bass Pro Shop
    • Scarf   –  Handmade
    • Gloves – Forever 21 
    • Lipstick – Revlon
    • Bronzer – Hoola By Benefit
    • Mascara – Clinique & Benefit
    • Eyeshadow – Mac & Micabella

    Linz & Holl