Day #7 Apples To Apples

Caramel & Candied Apples

           How beautiful are candied apples? How yummy are caramel apples? We really wanted to make some but we couldn’t decide between one or the other… so we just ended up making both. We used this recipe for the candied apples and used a caramel recipe from Linz’s recently purchased French cook book called “Tartine” {Available To Buy: here} which is filled with more amazing recipes that we intend to make. After we prepped and dipped our apples, we topped them with various toppings, and we both agree freshly crushed pistachio nuts was probably our favorite. The only topping we didn’t use this time but will try next time is white chocolate. Both of these recipes were messy but really fun! Here is how ours turned out. Food always makes great little mini gifts for family and friends but these beautiful apples also make for delightfully edible table decor ……. perfectly red, green, and gold for the holidays!

{Tartine Cook Book*}
{Caramel Apple Photo From The Tartine Book*}
{Caramel Apple Recipe From Tartine*}
{Our Apples Washed & Prepped}
{Mini Choc. Chips, Crushed Pistachios & Peppermints}
{Sugar Pearls, Sprinkles, Gold Sanding Dust}
{Adding The Candied Coating and Caramel}
{Sprinkles & Peppermint}
Linz & Holl

*Photos edited with Instagram